Thursday, July 25, 2013

oral trito (cont.)

In earlier posts I described the oral trito stage as being a giant among men that is based upon the fact of one's existence and not something one does (phallic) or one's body (anal).

Looking back I have oscillated between saying the oral trito is the encounter with 'otherness' and referencing it in relation to multiple others.

In order for one to be swallowed up by an oral father substitute, or to swallow him in introjection, there must be an encounter with otherness there. Moreover, the trito phase of the anal and phallic stages always move one into recognizing the difference between the generation and one's place among the lower generation and therefore the structure must remain the same at the trito. It must be a move to reduce one's self-absorption that conflicts with a father substitute to a drive of imitating the father in a drive function that gives one some respite. The phallic trito, for example, leaves competing with a father substitute for symbolic prestige for following ethical injunctions of 'being adult' and 'mature'.

I've also suggested in previous posts that the oral trito moves from dealing with people to "transitional objects". This would place the oral trito fixation between a drive that involves possessing 'things' or material objects in relation to others vs. appearing as special among men for the fact of one's existence.

One moves on from competing to possess a thing to competing to possess recognition or power as measured by one being the 'alpha' or leader of the group or not (compared to all others one is the exception or god-like).  

I also have to say that I've met people who displace love of objects/people onto the love of things and spend time alone tending to their possessions to 'recharge'.

I have also met people who seem to ruin or damage all their material possessions and therefore displace their hate for objects onto things.

The man eating giants in the Odyssey throwing stones and the stone that Cronos vomits back up to become Apollo's possession are indications of the importance of 'things' at this stage.

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