Friday, July 19, 2013

symbols in myth and physiognomy: the lion

As Reich points out in Function of the Orgasm, it is strange how often animal names suggest themselves when we judge a person's face or overall bodily expression. Lately, I've made a connection between a lion type face and the pre-genital object altruist. However, this doesn't mean that only lion-faced people have phallic deutero fixations in the object altruist libidinal position. The lack of conscience, excess sexuality, wanting to be interesting and feeling entitled for fame or to be with someone famous all mark this position.

The symbol of the lion that is found both in the myth of OEdipus and Bellerophon may be salient because of the individual's face.

As with the oral trito puffy cheeks I'm assuming a difference between the subject egoist and object altruist positions but have yet to work with a subject egoist with a lion face so I'll wait to confirm this.

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