Thursday, August 1, 2013

Somatic Psychology: the front two teeth

I remember the first time I saw the nosferatu version of the vampire I was put off by the two front teeth being the fangs. However, I've now worked with two people who have both suffered from depression who had the phantasy of biting into something round with their two front teeth. The first person imagined an apple and after her two front teeth pierced the skin the apple began to wither and this was connected to her feelings of withering/atrophying in her bed while depressed.

Now that I'm sensitive to the masculine (SE OA) and feminine (SA OE) libidinal positions sharing component drives from the same somatic sources or with similar phantasy images I can't help but think that this aggression in the two front teeth is paralleled by a libidinal form. A few of the people I have worked with in substance abuse have had a gap between their teeth (but by no means a majority). I have, however, been struck by their use of their word 'love' for their substance of choice and it seems like enough to report...

Report is probably not the right word. I'm recording this connection for myself. After doing a lot of research where I have to check my positions against Freud, Klein, Reich, etc. and the secondary literature I feel like I get to go back to guessing, intuition, playing with impressions, and see if they grow into ideas.

I think I've offended a few people with my interest in somatic psychology but they have yet to give me any arguments for why the body isn't involved in repression or wouldn't adapt as the mind to seduction or rejection.    

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