Friday, July 12, 2013

Oral social ontology.

I've stressed that it's only at the anal stage (although it has a rudimentary form in the oral trito stage) that a social ontology exists in which one measures oneself against others.

One measures one's reputation or good name at the phallic stage against the reputation or good name of others or, one measures the deference or awe with which one is treated in a group or the god-like reverence one's name is treated with at the anal stage.

At the oral stage one leaves this competition with others in some measurable way of referencing a social position of power. It isn't omnipotence because that implies measuring differences and there is still competition but it is in the world of phantasy.

As I've mentioned before, epic movies like Star Wars reference this. Darth Vader appears as the phallic father who is more skilled and in a position to teach his skills, the emperor appears as the anal father in control of the galaxy, and 'the force' appears as one's magical oral phallus. The oral father represents the world as it is and and competing for the oral phallus is to oppose the world as is with 'possible worlds'.

The schizophrenic may introvert libido and foreclose the phallic, and anal stages to function on the oral level of competing with others magically in phantasy. I have one patient who feels he has the ability to give others the 'evil eye' and hurt or destroy them with his gaze.

However,  I wanted to mention that where competition with others, as whole objects, exists in phantasy and  controlling-possessing and merging-resonating with the object in ego and object drive forms are both satisfied by phantasy this oral libido is what fuels the libido that is measured in the latter anal and phallic social ontologies.

The depression that arises at the oral stage is a defense that impedes the generation of the "narcissistic" oral libido and reduces the energy to go after anal or phallic goals.


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