Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Greek myth: Anal stage

Strangely, no parallel has been made between the link of Atlas, Typhon, and Prometheus (the picture above) and the link of Demeter, Persephone, and Hecate. The former are called the three heads of insurgency and the latter often have the folk name of mother, maiden, crone.

In the picture above: Prometheus is tied to a column representing the Caucasus.
Atlas acts as the column at the opposite side of the hellenic world.
The two best friends were oppressed into face-to-face-opposition to each other.
Typhoëus is represented by the column propping up the floor upon which the two other titans are trying to stand, i.e. they are forced into a precarious 'kneeling' posture which is part of their cruel punishment for their insurgency against the tyrant Zeus.

In the picture below: Persephone returns from Hades escorted by Hermes. Hecate holds two torches in the middle and Demeter waits on the right.

The three insurgents are opposing the perfection of Zeus
The three women are all trafficking with death.

Freud has already connected Prometheus to the urethral (anal trito) stage. He gives fire, an invention, to the humans and provides a link of the anal stage representing the first generation gods but transitioning to the second generation/demi-gods/and humans as the locus of power in the phallic stage.

In the gigantomachy the gods need the son of a mortal woman to win and Heracles fights along with Dionysus as two half gods. Although Hecate fights in this battle too I wonder if Dionysus isn't meant to replace her in a sense as the representation of the altruist.

Being sensitive to the anal deutero involving a transcription of power from the mother to the father and thus being potentially doubled (as the myth of Heracles reaches the phallic deutero with the symbol of the horse/centaur and this being transcribed to the lion/sphinx in the Oedipus myth) I hope to compare these two triads to other related myths and the Island of Circe, Hades, and Sirens story in the Odyssey.

The three insurgents are obviously the bad projected aspects of the anal stage and have to be paired with the good gods.
The three women are the good aspect and have to be paired with the monstrous.

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