Thursday, June 27, 2013


Someone approaches me about forgetting her wallet. She says that it's not like her to forget and that she has forgotten it twice in one day so she is sure that it has some meaning.

I ask her for her association to the wallet and she says money. I ask her for he association to money and she mentions managing life and not feeling up to the task.

I ask her about the person she imagines would find her wallet. She mentions the person would be caring (if he would be the type to not keep it for himself) and I ask her to say more about the type of person he is. She said that he would be understanding with the implications that he wouldn't judge her for being so forgetful. I ask her how it feels if she says 'I want to be cared for and I want to be understood'. She asks if she has to say it out loud. I say yes. She says it and puts her hand on her chest after she speaks the words and says that she feels the emotion in her.

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