Thursday, February 12, 2015

the demonized class

In one way, psychoanalysis looks at demonized class of individuals as an externalization of a person's own repressed feelings. The anti-homosexual crusader is bringing the fight between his own homosexual desire and its inhibition to society. When someone goes out of their way to say no to something then it's self-evident that he had to defend against a part of himself that wanted to say yes.

However, in working with criminals it is apparent that the demonized class of the child molester can't mean that everyone who puts them down, talks about being bothered by them, or puts out the message that he would hurt one, is always fighting off his own desire. Instead I'd like to venture an economic reason (as opposed to a dynamic one). If you have a criminal who has lost his good reputation in his community (phallic) and has committed crimes that have taken him out of civilization for a decent amount of time (anal), then the last stage of good conscience that he has hung on to is the volar stage. I've written before that in this stage impulses that make one monstrous, such as cannibalism and things that go beyond murder in cold blood, are part of social anxiety (nuclear complexes like oedipus, electra, antigone, bellerophon) or in the volar trito a rudimentary guilt conscience is formed. Economically, the killers, robbers, etc. still pride themselves on not being monstrous because they've transgressed the other forms.

In a previous post I wrote about the volar trito as involving the idea of the skin. This came from the Odyssey and the "skin harvesters" that attacked Odysseus and his men. To this connection I'd like to add that The Walking Dead. The show takes place on the volar level of Being and attempts to make it to the anal level, as with the Governor, always end up badly. There are volar leaders, like Rick, who have small groups that are nomadic. Any place that isn't nomadic has been shown to have corrupt commanders (The Governor, Terminus, etc.). Zombies aren't taking out big chunks of flesh when they bite someone on the show, but instead just get the skin.

Where I was raised they used to call child molesters skinners and I was always puzzled by where that would come from until now.


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