Monday, February 23, 2015

3 types of imago

Every analyst has encountered the pre-genital patient whose partner very much resembles a parent. This isn't because the analyst has seen him or her but because the patient will tell you that others say this about the partner.

This is the personalized imago. Particulars of the parents from which the imagos are formed are sought in another.

In repetitions that have to do with a patient being attracted or trying to hold on to someone "out of their league," being with someone who below their potential, or with clear class differences or money being a factor , the 'differences between the generations' is illustrated.

This is the depersonalized imago. Measurements of the ego's value by the ego ideal and attempting to triumph over the low measurement or lower the measurement in self-effacement is evidenced.

With other patient there is a return to the actual parent. There isn't an explicit sexual relationship but often times the parent will say things like 'you don't need a boyfriend, you've got your dad' or there is a lot of passionate fighting between the child and parent.

This is the repersonalized imago. The parent takes on their old transference and instead of acting out the ego and object drives with them, the relationship seems to be satisfied in phantasy with only the hints of obscenity. This enmeshment seems to both help and hinder the patient.  

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