Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sin City 2 and the subject egoist's anal primal scene

There's music behind this but you can just mute it.

There are all the hallmarks of the anal primal scene: a denigrated father-substitute that the woman is with. In this case he is a servant and it's possible that his being black could have been meant as a denigration. The father-substitute is a bigger and physically intimidating man. Along with the anal oedipal castration anxiety of death, the anxiety that is peculiar to the maternal imago, and which is transcribed over to the father, is the fear of force and being thrown back. This appears in the myth of Hephaestus and was discussed in an earlier post. The object drive infatuation is strong, but it's also mixed with strong aggressive elements (i.e. he hits her, there's blood). Then, of course, the betrayal that comes from her, which comes after the actual father imago is killed (i.e. foreclosed) and the maternal imago gains horrifying strength.

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