Friday, September 30, 2016

The narcissist and echoist in the passive and active relation.

I had an insight the other day, and builds on a previous post about how egoists are usually attracted to egoists and altruists to altruists, until pathology seeks some compensation and "use" for the other pole.

 It partly came from Trump and trying to fathom the person who would be attracted to his boastfulness  and grandiosity.

I realized on the object drives (love life) that there was a pattern that would hold for the ego drives (work life).

The echoist, who instead of staying altruistic and devoted to others, becomes active-altruistic and focussed on asserting himself, often doesn't have much confidence and feels inadequate. These types of men and women often have narcissistic partners who are arrogant, vain, or grandiose in deeper ways. Such people in their work life often are drawn to bosses or coworkers (of the same sex) who represent their own ideal. Because of their lack of confidence, they are impressed by those who obviously hide inferiority feelings and have to broadcast how they are superior.

The narcissistic who becomes passive-egoistic, very often finds a total "child." This is an altruist who doesn't have good structure, time management, follow through or willpower, and is often depressive and in projective identification with the parental imago of Death (just as the egoist is with the parental imago of Perfection in his grandiosity). To be altruistic seems to tied to control of the other and a strong need to not help an equal but someone who is childlike compared to oneself.

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