Sunday, September 25, 2016

children as an imago II

There's another formulation that has come to mind.

One form of homosexual object choice is loving oneself from the place of one's mother. It's virtually indistinguishable, as far as I can tell, from narcissistic object choice. Except, Freud posited that the latter was a natural stage of development for everyone.

It's possible that the relations to children that I discussed in the last post is one being in projective identification with the castrated mother. This would mean that there are no natural imago relations with children (except as siblings) and that only in projective identification does one come to desire a child...

I'm not sure how strong a hypothesis this is... and it would also mean that phallic symbols would also be associated wth PI. This doesn't make sense considering myths in which the protagonist needs a magical sword or something to defeat a parental-substitute...

Maybe there is the phallus which is the symbol of fusion with the paternal imago of the state of eros, and then there are the phallic symbols that belong to the parental-substitutes or individual in PI. For example, I have worked with a woman who had the anal fantasy of the father having many penises and not having given her one.

... Thinking out loud on a Sunday.

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