Saturday, June 14, 2014

the bad anal father, the racial other, and the object egoist

I've written several times about the anal phallus and the drive to possess the single phallus that exists for all people.

The anal father is the superlative: the strongest; the smartest; and/or at the top of power pyramids (i.e. president of the USA, pope, the genius whose paradigm of thought defines the field.

Regarding object egoists with an anal fixation (I'd like to say anal deutero but I'm not certain) I've noticed a tendency that after disappointments in love there might be a reaction to the anal father to choose those outside of one's race. There have been a couple white women who have chosen black or latino men but also a Persian who has chosen Jewish men as her racial other. Involved in the phantasy is that the men are beneath you but they desire you more.

The anal father resembles Freud's father of the primal horde and one's own cultural group as the good group. Race appears later in history as a social construction and it's the structural relation that it important here and not actual race. The child obviously isn't aware of race or cultural differences during the anal stage but retroactively a subaltern group can come to represent the bad anal father and the bad group.

The forces of good and bad/dominant and subaltern can be constructed along this line and are psychologically derived (i.e. imago based).


again, the volar fathers are those whose abilities appear supernatural or magical or who occupy a place of power that is greater than the current top of pyramids of powers (i..e those who are "immortal" for their art, thought, conquests, etc.)

the phallic fathers are those who have positions of prestige in the community/ are more skilled or knowledgeable than one

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