Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Deferred Life; a simple remark on dreams

When one feels the compulsion to become a beautiful machine who is using every minute of the day optimally a rebellion must occur.

One then throws off the yoke of work and will begin doing the bare minimum.

Life becomes a purgatory and since one is avoiding being in time fully one is avoiding existing in time.

One is in purgatory and there is no sense of how long the wait to enter heaven will be.

One stays in passionless relationships and simply endures. Something "special" must be done before one gets to join with those living in time. However, even this will ultimately be a lie because it is the nature of the drive to always find a new idealized object out of one's reach.


A patient had a dream of an old van his mother used to have. He's rushing his family into the van as they are being attacked by zombies. His association to the van is that twice a week the back tire would go flat and he'd have to change it ("it couldn't support the weight of the van"). It became a very simple step to ask him to turn this into an I-statement: How does it feel if you say  "I can't hold up my family". He looks surprised and nervous and exclaims that he knows he can't and brings up the worries about his imminent failures.

Without psychoanalysis you can't get to the important information fast enough and the impulsive substance abuse population takes too long to get a solid transference going...

However, you can't move too fast either and you have to move back and forth between passive supportive listening and active search for opportunities to allow them to formulate bad conscience, potentials for massive failures in their life, and the twin factors of hate and aloneness when they talk about their relationships.

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