Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a clinical thought, a theoretical thought

It's amazing how in both subject and object altruists I have found a state in several low-functioning individuals in which the person doesn't shower and has hygiene problems and they feel that to take care of themselves in such a way is part of a larger imperative to work and be responsible. They feel that if they do this then they will have to be responsible in all the other ways and this overwhelms them.

The phenomenological or subjective feeling of the drives and their sphere of action can become very comprehensive.

I've referenced defusion/the castration complex as making a name for oneself for the egoist as beginning at the phallic oedipal. However, the sphere of making it can progress all the way into the volar stage so that one wants to have an immortal name. This name stands alone even though in some sense it may be mentioned along with the names of other eternal names. If it isn't true sublimation then the person is narcissistic about their skills, knowledge, or beauty without any measure of their action or any social reference to how their power has an effect on others. There is something ineffably special in them.  

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