Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The homeless

How can someone look at homeless people and in any way imagine that they are simply lazy people who don't want to work or that they are choosing some immature, wild kind of freedom?

What about their dirty bodies, the frequent scars or scabs on them, the haunted or blank faces, and all the discomfort? Moreover, the will to live is the most basic form of the will to power and anyone who has satisfied this will wants more than just to live, he wants to have the admiration or respect of others, and eventually develops to identity and having a libidinal tie to social narcissism and religion. However, the homeless are no stoics or ascetics who are still in touch with culture and sacrificing themselves to become its flowers.

The homeless have introverted their libido and fallen away from demanding admiration and respect from others or from devotion or being loved in the phallic social ontology. This means that they are no longer concerned with reputation and being thought of as 'good' in comparison to their brothers and sisters and the people they went to school with, (etc.). They are competing with the anal father, are persecuted and unable to feel the libidinal tie to the social body without feeling controlled. They are 'bad' and don't deserve to live within the social body- like they are vampires or are monstrous in someway.

In some ways it's possible to say that they are too competitive. Not in relation to their reputation but in relation to all other people (the anal social ontology).

The neurotic mind needs so badly to see spotless agency in people; it can't accept people in pieces.

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