Tuesday, December 20, 2011

myth-symbols- polyphallic, horse, flight; lying

There seems to be a consistent structure in myths concerning the phallic stage.

At the polyphallic phase there is Medusa (Perseus), the hydra (Heracles), and the 6 armed Gegeines (Jason).

From the Medusa springs the pegasus which is both horse and has flight. Heracles ends up killing a centaur (half horse) and Jason meets up with the harpies (flight). The pegasus would be a good example of a bisexual compromise formation or fusion.

In a few of my patients I've encountered the fantasy of flight that involved either an adventure with someone to a magical place or it serves to allow someone to do something covert such as fly away at night to someone's window without detection. This is clearly not a superman type of fantasy but it has parallels in Peter Pan and Aladdin.

I think that where the (narcissist will clearly deny the drive for recognition of the symbolic order and manifest his 'cockiness' or being special regardless of his status there the masochist will deny the symbolic order for a supernatural/magical/mystical world.

The centaur which Heracles kills lies to his wife and she believes his blood to be a love potion rather than poison. Similarly there is a lie in regards to the marriage of Perseus and Andromeda and Jason makes a promise to Medea which turns out to be a lie.

I think denial or disavowal is a lie told to the self, but since the mind develops from the interpersonal the lie must first come into existence there and, if you think about it, being able to lie is really an important achievement. Many of the psychotics I've sat with have complained of me reading their minds and told me that they couldn't look into my eyes because it would grant me access to their thoughts.

I think this lie is of great importance and the magical world of the masochist would show up there in the 'tall tale' and maybe have a more active stance in performing magical tricks or illusions. These lies would join up with another masochistic position of the 'white lie' which would be contrasted to the narcissist's lie to impress others...

There is the universal anecdote of the narcissistic person lying about having written a book. At first he claims that he will write a book to others and they begin to ask about its progress. He starts by lying about sketching the plot, then about having written the first chapter, and keeps telling those who ask to see some of it to wait until he finishes more even though he hasn’t even started. With the masochist ‘white lies’ are what come to the fore because they are made so that the other person doesn't feel rejected by them. An example here is a person who lies about liking the sweaters that her friend designs. She finds them to be ugly but doesn’t want to put down her friend’s attempts and this gets her to the point that she begins to receive the sweaters as gifts, and then begins to have to start wearing them in order to keep up the lie that she finds them to beautiful.

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