Wednesday, December 21, 2011

feminine subject- flight, humour, head-genitals

In a previous post I talked about the eye as a symbol of the vagina and in the last post I mentioned flight as linked to a 'magical' world that would be the masochist's equivalent to the narcissist's cockiness or confidence (self-esteem which is outside of what's conferred onto him in the symbolic order). I also related this to lying and denial.

I've been thinking about flying as a simple reversal of walking. A normal person walks on the ground the opposite would be flying in the air. This would place flying in a larger economy of reversals in the classic sense of 'displacement upwards from below'

With Pinocchio we see the displacement of upwards from below tied to lying. In addition the common clown with his bulbous red nose would represent another reversal. If the object masochist wants to be the cause of delight and to be loved by a subject there seems to be a reversal involved in seeking to gain approval from children rather than adults.

If the eye is a symbol for the vagina then, as other analysts have pointed out, migraines might be genital pain that is also displaced upwards.

In the Sorceress and the Hysteric Clement mentions the medieval festivals in which a king would be chosen from among the mentally ill or an ass would be put on top. This reversal seems to also be an act of irreverence and would be a trend we still find at work today in the humour found in the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, etc. in which the father is portrayed as an idiot (or the adults foolish) while the children (or even family pets) are intelligent.

There is some important work to be done here in differentiating fixation which would amount to some perversion in someone's character and the acts of irreverence which would come from a perverse structure.

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