Thursday, December 8, 2011

feminine subject: eye as vagina

Despite Freud's claim that there is only one genital and it is the phallus, there is clearly the use of the eye as a symbol for the vagina. It exists in the esoteric traditions as well as in the fatherless world of horror movies and the occult and, I'd guess, in the psychotic.

I've been working on a little piece about this connection which I hope to be able to put up here soon, but not before I can give a decent summary of the posts on the different phallic stages and their relation to the hero myth.

The last picture is Argus who, as poly-ocular, is probably a forerunner of the Medusa/hydra who are poly-phallic. However, this suggests, contra Freud, that the poly-phallic isn't hiding its opposite (i.e. the castrated woman) but that representations of power were initially feminine and then disavowed and covered up by masculine representations in patriarchy.

The second picture of the alien creature with no eye seems to represent the ghostly power of the maternal that has been disavowed. The lack of eyes seems to tie the creature into the vast network of nature so that one isn't just facing a single enemy but a force beyond an individual thing that is animating it and could animate other things as well. It is not an individual consciousness and as the history of patriarchy has shown, there is nothing more important than the idea of an individual consciousness, soul, or subject.

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