Friday, November 25, 2011

paranoia- narcisstic and masochistic

If my designations between subject and object narcissism and subject and object masochism is more than just a parlor trick then it should have some bearing on psychopathology.

Recently I noticed a difference in paranoia amongst some patients. The first group who act like masochists and are very concerned with love, kindness, and are very sensitive to the lack of love they receive have a narcissistic paranoia. It is narcissistic in that they have great intelligence or beauty and that other people either interfere with their power or implicitly because powerful people are interested in them then they must be powerful.

The other group behaves narcissistically in that they are aloof, think that they are very interesting to others, and interested in talking about important names. Their paranoia involves a sense of feeling deceived by others, feeling that some other person can really know about them and what they have done,and/or there is some lie in their family or perpetuated in their milieu and some mastermind behind it.

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