Thursday, November 17, 2011

feminine subject- 2 subject masochists in love

love wants to spare the person to whom it dedicates itself every feeling of being other, and consequently it is full of dissimulation and pretense of similarity, it is constantly deceiving and feigning a sameness which in reality does not exist. And this happens so instinctively that women in love deny this dissimulation and continual tender deceit and boldly assert that love makes the same (that is to say, that it performs a miracle!). – This process is simple when one party lets himself be loved and does not find it necessary to dissimulate but leave that to the other, loving party; but there is no more confused or impenetrable spectacle than that which arises when both parties are passionately in love with one another and both consequently abandon themselves and want to the same as one another... Nietzsche Dawn-211

On another note, I hope the use of feminine subject to stand for both the subject masochist and object masochist is not confusing.

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