Thursday, January 12, 2017

Object altruism and hatred of the feminine

I have encountered many frustrated, passive-altruistic (OA) “nice guys” who talk about “finishing last” or who even pretend to themselves that they could be like the “assholes” who get the women but chose not to. Being a nice guy can become something that they learn to hate about themselves.  

In groups, if enough object altruists are present, this can turn into woman bashing, although it's a lot different than the subject egoist form. It's not out and out bashing, so much as frustration with women and why they would choose assholes and "be stupid". 

In ego and object drive parallelism, some of them also have resentment in their Bellerophon complex. They used to be ok with their sense of just belonging, but now they want to be stars, famous, or have a great success that is opposed to their inhibited character. Success is like getting a romantic partner and they "trash talk" those who are famous or who have success.   

Even though this parallel holds, a more concise example of hatred of the feminine in the ego drives comes with the idea that "women aren't funny" that many OA comedians express. As opposed to the SE blame of women for failures or representing them as evil, as causing their downfall, etc. The OA is able to often be a lot more cutting in their fault finding in women because of their empathy. Some comedians can sublimate this to show the "cute" idiosyncrasies in their wife, for example, but some are a lot more blatant about representing women as inferior.

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