Sunday, October 9, 2016

'walking on eggshells' and the previous post.

I always get the feeling that there is some autism spectrum MD who reads my post and wants to universalize something when it wasn't my intention to say x accounts for every instance of y.

In the previous post I found an example of walking on eggshells that was part of a triangulation related to the primal scene. This doesn't mean that every relationship involving walking on eggshells is a primal scene of the subject altruist. As I mentioned, I've worked with many fun-loving object altruists who come home to an angry or bitchy romantic partner who chews them out.

This does in fact raise an interesting question regarding disclosure of the paternal function.

I've payed attention to depression as being projective identification with the parental imago of Death (as opposed to the parental imago of perfection). However, this imago of Death may only appear with paternal disclosure (as I've hypothesized before). Instead of Death the paternal imago involved, the altruist may have the more mundane experience of feeling hate or anger from the parental-substitute. Similarly, instead of psychopathy in the egoist, in which parental substitutes are felt to be powerful, dangerous, malicious figures, the paternal imago reduces this to a relation of the egoist to feeling contempt and judgment from the parental-substitute.  

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