Sunday, May 15, 2016

Different emphasis in the proto-phallic drives

Long ago I used the myth of Perseus to investigate subject altruism and its symbols. In the myth Perseus wants to protect his mother from the king, Polydectes, and the latter plots to get rid of him through demanding the head of the medusa.

In the proto phallic drives I have used the formula that the subject egoist becomes altruistic towards his image/reputation (in the public) and the subject altruist becomes egoistic in relation to the image/reputation of the idealized object.

I've posted about some variations to these before, but in conversation I realized that without being formal about this, that many people walk away with wrong ideas.

The altruism towards the image/reputation of the subject egoistic can also be expressed in an altruism towards his profession or field of work. To take pride in one's work necessarily means that one genuinely care about it, but also that one is comparing oneself, and one's competency, to others in the field too.

The egoism towards the image/reputation of the idealized object in the subject altruist isn't just expressed in the SA becoming a "cheerleader" for the object or working to help him, her, or the group to have better PR. Egoism here can also be concern with being a protector, not leaving when things get bad or difficult...  

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