Monday, October 19, 2015

4th imago

I've written before about 3 types of imagos.

There is the personalized imago which has particular features in common with the parent who formed it (i.e. hair color, eyes, body type, gait, etc.)

There is the depersonalized imago which references the difference between the generations in which the love object is of a higher or lower class, more or less popular, better or less good looking, etc.

There is the repersonalized imago which is the actual parent who is seen and treated as the child saw and treated the parent as a child. The depersonalized transferences (Prestige, Superlative, etc.) are given to the parent without regard to the social measurements in which they are usually conveyed.

To this I need to add something like the archetypal imago.

This comes from how, for example, a subject altruist can be a caretaker or be preoccupied with someone who is abject, monstrous, or crippled, etc. and this wasn't a real moment with the parents (i.e. part of the personalized imago).

This has to do with psychosexual/social development and the encounters with the imago as Death.

There is Death in regards to the objects Prestige based image-ego, there is literal death at the anal stage, there is death in regards to being monstrous or abject at the volar stage, etc.

In the depersonalized form the subject egoist is concerned with the egoism of their family or work group, this goes on to civilization, then it goes on to all people, and then it's concerned with human essence (the part-ego).  

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