Saturday, May 23, 2015

object altruism and conceit tensions

I've identified object altruism and the Bellerophon complex with fear of success for some years now.

In proto versions, the performance anxiety of the object altruist is pretty straight forward. Once defused from the father imago, the fear of humiliation becomes strong. Premature ejaculation and the sense of taking sex that belongs to the father is also another strong expression of this.

While the Oedipus myth is better for the deutero version of the subject egoist, the myth of Heracles is better for the proto version who is more "workaholic" and pefectionistic because of a high ego ideal. I've thought for a while that the myth of Orpheus would probably be the proto version of the object altruistic nuclear complex. His high ego ideal at the stage means that he actually becomes a talented artist and causes others delight through his skill, as opposed to those with a low ego ideal who make a better impression. Dionysus and Apollo are the gods Orpheus worships and illustrate object altruism themselves. Also his central myth involved going to Hades and thus the deep object of Death that I've aligned with altruism.

Anyway, in some object altruistic patients I've become aware of basic conceit feelings. In the object altruist being driven to originality in some ways, this can be at odds with his or her work interests possibly meaning that the work of colleagues or others, is worse less. This can cause conceit tensions and the OA to downplay his work or interests.

Also, about a decade ago I remember people criticizing 'hipsters'. They'd make fun of their skinny jeans or facial hair or single speed bikes. But, yet, there is a respect in how much attention the got, and, in some ways, something that seemed like sour grapes. While the hipsters often possess a low ego ideal and give the impression of being more than their work merits, it seems like conceit to the proto OA to join subculture and leave the dominant culture behind, but he or she often isn't happy in it. However, the people I have in mind are definitely intellectuals and have auto-erotic/schizoid deutero adaptations. Therefore, they seem like they'd be out of place anywhere.

In a proto bellerophon complex, one can encounter something of a Peter Pan type that can't stick to a job or field of work. It runs parallel to the premature ejaculation in the sexual relation. Performance anxiety, after work has been put into a pursuit, often pushes them onto another. I'm sure that 'the imposter syndrome' can develop if there are deeper echoistic issues.  At the deutero volar stage, for example, this could mean that the OA feels differently than other humans and might travel more and not need as many connections.    

In the deutero OA there is always a father-substitute who is close and idealized, but the OA has no problem ultimately betraying them, criticizing them, or stealing their work and making a few simple changes and pretending like it is their own. The problem, of course, is that they might self-sabotage after being successful in it.

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