Saturday, August 9, 2014

summer song

I somehow missed this song from a couple years back.

It has a beautiful volar ontology. Tensions between being alone vs. sameness (whatever is done for me will be done for you), wishes to be watched or be important to some magical, stronger person who the artist doesn't know, and, my last thought, is to reaffirm that bones must be an important psychosexual object.

I've had many patients reference their bones. I've had the intuition that some dissociation relates to energy moving to the bones which makes the skeleton such a salient representation of death. During somatic work these patients often get cold and feel like they've pulled away from their bodies and the transitional place of entry/departure seems to be the bones...I feel it in my bones... chilled to the bone


I'm lost in the light
I pray for the night
To take me, to take you too
After so many words
Still nothing's heard
Don't know what we should do
So if someone can see me now, let them see you

It was my greatest thrill
But we just stood still
You let me hold your hand 'til I had my fill
Even countin' sheep
Don't help me sleep
I just toss and turn right there beside you
So if someone could help me now, they'd help you too.

They'd help you too
See you through
All the hard things we've all gotta do
Cause this life is long
And so you wouldn't be wrong
Bein' free leavin' me on my own!

And I held my own
Still I rattled your bones
I said some awful things and I take them back
If we would try again
Just remember when
Before we were lovers, I swear we were friends
So if someone could see me now let them see you
Let them see you
See you through
All the hard things we've all gotta do
Cause this life is long
So you wouldn't be wrong
Bein' free here with me on my own!

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