Wednesday, August 6, 2014

phallic, anal, and volar ontology in two relations

From the relationships of patients different levels of jealousy are distinctly visible in egoism:

1.phallic jealousy concerning someone of superior class, skill, intelligence, beauty

2.anal jealousy concerning other men in general

3. volar jealousy concerning other people in general and even pets

I've written before that the difference between the sexes is already established at the anal stage and concerns general comportment and is further modified at the phallic stage to go beyond embodiment and relate to practices.

The volar ontology, which concerns the encounter with otherness in general, indicates a maximum of jealousy in which I've seen patients fully engulfed in their relationship so that they can only belong to their partner who receives a transference that makes him or her 'larger than life' or magical. I've added the remark about pets because of patients who reported that even doting on an animal is a cause for jealousy in their partners.

In regard to social anxiety, as opposed to conscience, in egoism:

1. phallic fear of having one's reputation ruined which is often represented by father-substitutes in one's work and community life

2. anal fear of legality and breaking the law that will remove one from civilization. Father-substitutes are often represented by the police

3. volar fear of being monstrous with father-substitutes being represented by what is "natural" and "pure" or what is "holy" channeled through a person or a sacred spot

At the phallic stage social anxiety is paired with cultural values. However, these values aren't internalized in a guilt conscience but just concern what is acceptable in society (which will be different in different classes in a particular culture).

At the anal stage basic destructive impulses like killing and robbing are paired with social anxiety and the institution of the law and the threat of being removed from civilization. Today this would mean jail and historically we can see another example in being banished from the civilized city-state to have to live among the "barbarians"). Although the basic destructive impulses are the bedrock of this relation to the father-substitutes and are derived from imago relations, other linguistically mediated prohibitions can be drawn into this relation and be involved in anal social anxiety.

At the volar stage cannibalism seems to be the prototype of the monstrous and clearly has drive/imago based origins. As I've discussed in previous posts the volar stage has both father-substitutes as magical figures such as ghosts of ancestors, angels, and other figures that go beyond the natural but the home and certain spaces like certain rivers, parts of the forest, and other "sacred spaces" often carry a similar power that threatens the monstrous.

I've often had patients, who like vampires, seem to need to avoid the light or feel cut off from the sky and the light but I think this is probably a more primitive relation (i.e. auto-erotic) and seems to be connected with the opposition of the mind and body established there. At this level it seems like social anxiety would reach the proportions of annihilating all life (Klein's 'maximal sadism'), or some such impulse, but I'll have to investigate what represents social anxiety here...

The trito stages also have externalized representations of bad conscience although it is internalized. Light, for example, could be part of the auto-erotic trito... but only more examinations of myths and art and work with patients will give the answers.



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