Monday, January 28, 2013

Object Altruist- deutero anal

Polite.— “He is so polite.”— Yes, he always carries a biscuit for Cerberus and is so timid that the thinks everyone is Cerberus, even you and I. That is his ‘politeness’ (Nietzsche-The Gay Science).

This wonderful aphorism establishes so much. There is the anal level of transference that puts people into relation to all people for possession of a single phallus (egoist) or feeling that all people possess a phallus but you don't (altruist). It also links us to the mythological symbol of the dog that is a metaphor for the regression from Hades as the father who guarantees one's equality with others to being caught between earth and his protection at the gate of the underworld.

This is Reich's passive-feminine character established at the anal level and what he calls "anal shyness".

I believe it is related to the object altruist because the subject altruist experiences being taken over by people's feelings (as per the previous post on the autistic vs. schizoid character).

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