Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"communism" and fascism- political perversions

I'm always impressed by the idiocy of the person who argues against communism by citing the failures of the USSR, China, etc.

The defining characteristic of communism for Marx was the abolishment of money. If there is money then there is inheritance (even with a inheritance tax there is some way to pass your wealth onto your children) and thus a class structure. All the so-called communist countries had money.

Another defining characteristic is non-specialization and the development of 'human' capacities in people instead of turning them into appendages of the machine (ie. factory, musical instrument, computer, etc.). These socialist countries had specialization.

To the extent that the socialist countries were never communist and instead of being a developed egoism were an unenlightened altruism I think that their political structure matches the fascist structure as perverse.

In previous posts on perversion I mentioned that the subject altruist's form of perversion was a love that saw everyone as equal. This perversion doesn't notice the distinction between the generations in which some people are superior to others in their knowledge, wisdom, skill, etc. and thus have more worth. This perversion still survives at the heart of PCism where everyone is special in their own way. Another way to put this is that individuality isn't a a birthright, it's something you develop towards even if you are born in an upper class. The popularity of structuralist inspired thought- that sees all desire as discursive- recognizes this lack of individuality in people. However, the creativity that surpasses this inscription of the social order upon oneself does exist, and its only after one has developed beyond discourse that one's 'being' is given 'meaning'. In practice the Soviet Union's labour organization didn't allow anyone to lead or come up with plans but, as Marx says, the state becomes the abstract capitalist. However, many of its economic distribution policies were inspired by altruistic sentiments and the rhetoric of self-sacrifice and the heart of this has moved on to PC individualism.    

Fascism, which comes from the subject egoist perversion of returning to the idealized glory of the early empire while evincing both paranoid and splitting defences, is a historical contemporary of this perverse socialism. I don't think this is a coincidence but is part of the development of the psyche as shown in the history of world-views. It's foreshadowing the internalization of science as the Oedipal father and the future father complex in which real communism will come.      

As I've mentioned in a previous post, we are oscillating between the fundamentalist return to religion and the atheist denial of its importance, and only when we have a psychological understanding of it will   we move on from the Oedipus complex to the ideals of the father complex.

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