Monday, February 22, 2016

thisn't example

Someone asked me for an example and how to use it.

I had a patient who didn't remember dreams and who had enough space in between her visits that we lost our sense of working towards something.

She wanted to say that things were good and stay superficial. I probed and she said everything was fine in her relationships (which had previously been the source of much malcontent for her). The only thing she could say that she'd been doing, was watching episodes of Law and Order.

She stressed how the "good guys" were so "thorough, checked with the bad guys multiple times, and were good"

She didn't stress all these equally, but enough. I ask her for the opposite and she says "half-ass, don't care, and bad". I ask her to turn these into you-statements: (you are half-ass, you don't care, and you are bad) and she says that her boyfriend comes to mind and begins to complain about him and return to a state of anger and indignation that we had got to before.

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