Saturday, February 15, 2014

Primal scenes in altruism

I've been reading Leon Wurmser's The Mask of Shame and have found much inspiration.

I believe I've mentioned the primal scene of the object altruist in regards to the practical jokester who seeks to humiliate others. Like Chef Gordon Ramsay humiliating other subject egoists who take pride in their work as chefs this repetition is a projective identification in which one acts out the role of the father imago and projects the humiliation one felt in the mother's primal scene betrayal into others. In contrast to Ramsay the object altruist doesn't humiliate others in regards to the serious dedication they have to their job but rather more casually. In the movie Adventureland the main character is often punched in the groin by a "friend" when popular girls are around. The humiliation here is still apparent but has to be offset by the object altruist not having their central motivation as being potent in some skill or field of knowledge.

Wurmser points out that the Comedian is asking us to laugh at him. Although not all comics do self-depreciating humor I'd say that best one I know do (Louis CK, Bill Hicks, etc.). Additionally, these comics often have social commentary and are also asking to be loved for their interesting ideas which I associated with Apollo and the schizoid version of the object altruist. Their insights often find no translation into psychology or formal study of personality but they are none the less brilliant.

This has also made me think about the subject altruist and how many patients I've seen have brought up "family secrets" and that Freud initially attached the scopophillic drive to the parent's intercourse. I haven't quite wrapped my head around this one yet but a seed is planted.

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