Monday, September 9, 2013

Volar, manual, or dextrous stage?

I've pointed out that the deutero stages generally seem to be the phase from which the psychosexual stage takes its name. The anal deutero is the anal phase proper while the anal trito concerns the urethral. The phallic deutero is also the properly phallic phase in which admiration is accorded to the penis in boys.

If this is the case then maybe it is better to refer to the pre-anal stage as something that references the hands...

some of the choices are

volar which is latin for sole or palm

manual which refers to something done that is related to the hands

or dexterous which refers to neat skill especially with the hands.

From my somatic psychology experience I believe that the hand and foot are both selected in this stage. With some people it's possible to note healthy skin all along the arms and legs and then the hand and foot becomes very wrinkled, veiny, pale, and set off from the arm or leg. Additionally, volar sounds much nicer than manual or dexterous.

Certain analysts mention an early mimetic stage and Erikson has the oral-mimetic psychosocial stages together, but it seems like the oral trito is a better candidate for this since "shapeshifting" or taking on the skin of others was one of the approaches to the skin ego or cutaneous ("of the skin") phase.

Thus the deutero-trito pairs so far would be




Another problem is that the trito stages should refer to the full identification and not the transgression of the difference between the generations...

genital describes the father complex stage of the drive to marry, social feeling, and full guilt conscience. It is based upon homosexual impulses, in the boy, that are instinctually renounced. The actual problem with conscience, as I've mentioned, shows up in the act of being stabbed. The anal trito conscience also shows up in being 'pissed on'. So, in this sense, the economy of bad conscience should provide the description and a reference should be made to a a knife, dagger, or state of carrying small arms.

I'm hoping to get to the earlier auto-erotic stage and classify things along the face, respiratory, and other psychosexual components there.

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