Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OE and OA at the phallic stage.

At the height of the proto or polyphallic stage I've noted the intermixing that takes place in the subject egoist and altruist. I'd like to add that the object egoist who wants to be the cause of desire (sexual desire at the anal stage and cause of love at the phallic stage) and the object altruist who wants to be the cause of delight (they are endearing at the anal stage and interesting at the phallic stage) cross paths here.

The object egoist now wants to cause delight in a way that will make her stand out from the others. This isn't in the object altruist way of dying her hair a certain color or something else that is more immediate but, in the egoistic vein, is about willpower and more of a commitment. Still, it is about setting herself apart from the other girls. The object altruist, as mentioned in the last post now seeks to cause desire in the other. Sexuality enters for the object altruist in the vicarious enjoyment of the other's lust and the other's pleasure. In the ego drives the object altruist doesn't want to just be interesting, but also special and comparison to others is the requirement for this.   

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