Wednesday, April 3, 2013

subject egoism and altruism at the phallic-narcissistic or phallic-deutero phase.

In previous posts I have drawn attention to the gradual intermixing between the active-egoistic and passive altruistic poles of the personality.

I mentioned that at the proto-phallic stage that the egoist is altruistic towards him image or reputation and that the altruist is egoistic in regards to defending the love object and his authority.

I cited Chasseguet-Smirgel and others who see the altruist's Oedipus (Antigone) complex as surrounding the issue of the altruist's self-assertion and independence in which he or she needs to feel like a just father-substitute is fostering her. However, I didn't offer the parallel of this birth of egoism in the altruist with altruism in the egoist.

It has become increasingly clear to me that the egoist begins to have impulses of charity. In the characterlogy of Hakomi they call this character type tough/generous. As self-assertion begins in the altruist the needs to possess an idealized figure and enshrine his authority is still there. The subject altruist isn't driven to become "the boss". Similarly, the charitable or generous impulses in the subject egoist are still attached to the idealization of self and have to be done with public knowledge or to contribute to his reputation.

Things get more complicated with the object egoist and altruist and I'll have to wait.

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