Friday, July 20, 2012

The Nuclear Complexes

I've been hesitant to make a judgment on the Oedipus complex for the four positions of the personality matrix but I thought I'd share my recent impressions.

Firstly, at the Oedipal stage sexual difference is secured.

subject egoist- the Oedipus complex: with the loss of the father as role model qua just man the SE experiences passionate rivalry (homosexual feelings) with the father and the mother, as sexual object, is the expression of the feminine desires towards the father. Oedipus self-blinds at the end of the myth in identification with Tiresias that illustrates deferred obedience to the father or secondary identification with him.

object egoist- the Electra complex: with the loss of the ideal father who would take a sexual interest in the OE seeks revenge on her mother and her lover (the same father) for having castrated her. Orestes in the myth represents the masculine part lost in sexual difference.

subject altruist- the Polydectes complex: with the loss of the ideal father who would foster the SA's self-image and independence from a relationship a new father is sought to replace the 'bad father'. Seeking an ideal father is to seek the masculine in identification with him.

object altruist- the Bellerophon complex: with the loss of the ideal father who would be delighted by the OA the father is spurned and s/he seeks to become his own father. However, guilt doesn't allow this and a 'fear of success' keeps him from realizing his goal. The OA identifies with the 'castrated father' who holds his feminine side and can't surpass him.

Secondly, even though my claim is that the object egoist functions egoistically and is aligned with the active-masculine it is still linked with representations of the feminine. The same goes for the object altruist who functions in a passive-feminine way but is linked to representations of the masculine.

Thus in the Oedipus and Bellerophon myths we have the symmetry of both overcoming a monster who is part lion and blinding themselves at the end.

In the Electra and Polydectes myth the current male authority is bad and must be killed.

Polydectes is from the Perseus myth and I'm hesitant to use Perseus complex because it covers so much ground.

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