Monday, February 6, 2012

perversion- subject masochist

I've come across an interesting fact.

The unicorn is used as a symbol of Christ in medieval Christianity

Thus enters what is called the virgin capture and, with it, the Christian interpretation. According to Physiologus, the story is an allegory of Incarnation. The unicorn is a symbol of Christ, his fierceness the Messiah's power, his solitude and whiteness Christ's chastity, his small size Christ's humility, and his single horn the unity of Christ with God and Father. The virgin is, of course, the Virgin Mary, and the huntsman is the Holy Spirit, acting through the Angel Gabriel in “driving” Christ into the womb of Mary and then taking him to the palace of the king — that is, enlisting him for his Father's work. Mohacsy, I. (1984). (The Legend of the Unicorn: An Illumination of the Maternal Split, p. 389).

I already mentioned in a previous post on perversion that the religious mystic has a denial of both the sexes and the generations in chastity, the doctrine of souls, and calling us to be like children.

Christ as the unicorn therefore follows the displacement upwards from below that I've already shown for both the object narcissist (the face) and masochist (the nose).

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