Saturday, January 21, 2012

psychoanalytic basics- religion as recapitulating psycho-sexual development II

After the stage of animism there is a magical stage in which the 'omnipotence of thoughts' and imitation of someone becomes a be-ing of someone, which I will discuss soon. However, for now I wish to add an obvious stage onto Freud's schema: the religions of good and evil.

Because Freud thought that conscience only appeared after the Oedipus complex it is obvious why he made the leap from religions of the gods to science. However, later, in his middle period and at the end of his work he became more open to some kind of ethical sense of good and bad and remorse happening before Oedipus:

This state of mind is called a ‘bad conscience’; but actually it does not deserve this name, for at this stage the sense of guilt is clearly only a fear of loss of love, ‘social’ anxiety. In small children it can never be anything else, but in many adults, too, it has only changed to the extent that the place of the father or the two parents is taken by the larger human community (Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents, p.124-5; also On Narcissism, p.125).

So, before science and after the religions of the gods I believe that a phase of good and evil should be considered here and a transference preoccupied with analyst as father-confessor and a person weighed down by sin is in order. Additionally, the flip side of a pride and superiority that puts one above others and the story of Lucifer who believes he can compete with God is also salient.

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